I'm excited about how the first 8cm of Tim's scarf looks, and I wanted to write about it tonight.
This is the original draft. With this scarf, it was important to me that the circles don't look squashed, and I tried five or six wefts of different sizes, but the skinny dark warp looked the best by far.  So I tried the spaced-out picks seen at the top of the previous post, but I didn't like the way it fulled, (too lacy for a bloke,) and I didn't have the patience for it. 
So I elongated the draft, and though I still have to be careful with the beating, (and watch out for the swing beater swinging back and touching the weft,) I'm happier with the new version.
The first 8cm. (Sorry about the terrible pic!) It's still a bit squashed, but I'm fine with this.

This series has not been as much "weaving" as it has been placing each and every pick of weft gently and just nudging it close to the previous pick; no rhythm, a lot of stopping breathing, and a few un- and re-weaving, or whatever the correct term. But they will turn out to be nice pieces from what the samples tell me.


Anonymous said...

I love it. Absolutely love it.

Dorothy said...

Wow!! That is so lovely.

sampling said...

It is Beautiful!!!!!!!!

Meg said...

Thank you, weavers. What I'm most pleased about is that without planning it, I managed a good balance of warp areas and weft areas, something I haven't managed in spite of nearly a dozen variations of my mother's draft. Sometimes things just happen, and I may not notice it until much later, and this is one that happened relatively easily. :-)