Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yesterday, I went to help Lloyd hang the Regional Arts Award.

Imagine an old-fashioned Art Society exhibition, but in a small town, wall to wall paintings, but in a warehouse-like former refinery, and you get the picture.  Still, there were some fascinating pieces, and/or fascinating factors in seemingly mundane ones.  And it's always a privilege to be allowed to handle these pieces. I'm getting the hang (!) of the task, too, and instead of assisting Lloyd, we, (including Janis, who happens to be in my drawing class, and Duncan who has a studio at the back of Refinery,) all went our separate ways hanging pieces solo.  And speaking of drawing, my one-term-off is about to end; class resumes this Friday. and I'm looking forward to it.

In the middle of the action-packed day, (well, for me it was, but this year Lloyd was so organized the whole day went terribly smoothly,) Esmae came to have lunch with me.  No, she didn't fly all the way from Melbourne for lunch, but she was visiting family near Nelson.  We talked about P2P2, how different digital images are to printed ones, stainless steel in fiber and how to best utilize its characteristics, and, (I sure hope she'll forgive me for slipping the beans,) she and another weaver just got new 8-shaft looms! So her weaving will change dramatically in future.  We touched on shaft-envy, and then I remembered about Inge's video.

So here it is, incorporation card weaving on the loom, or as I see it, how to pretend you have heaps more shafts than you actually do!  Here's a photo of Inge's textile Gail kindly posted on my Facebook.  The possibilities are endless.

All in all, things are looking up!

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  1. Gail reminds me I need to be mindful of the different tensions for the shaft-woven vs card-woven parts. Lucky Esmae; she's getting two warp beams.

    As well, my 16-shaft's shafts are quite far from me, so I will have to start practicing on the 4-shaft to begin with, and I may never achieve the card-weaving combo on the 16.


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