Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hands around the World

Meg Nakagawa, weaver, drawing student, bread baker
12:30PM; Nelson, New Zealand; 41° 17' 0" S / 173° 17' 0" E

Margery Meyers Haber, De Witt, New York; 43° 2' 19" N / 76° 4' 23" W

Doni Chiesa, Genoa, Liguria; 44° 25' 0" N / 8° 57' 0" E

Dot Lumb, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, Derbyshire; 53° 16' N / 01° 54' W


  1. Every since I proposed this "do", I intended to sit at a loom and show my hand throwing a shuttle. (I find great beauty in shapes of shuttles.) Yesterday, in drawing class, we had to use willow charcoal AND smudge/erase marks, and try as I may, (three times during and after class until it hurt, and once rigorously this morning,) I could not get the charcoal completely out. So I decided to include my fav from yesterday's session to celebrate my going back to drawing. As well, though it doesn't show, halfway between my thumb and the wrist is a new burn I got from sticking my hands into the oven without oven mitts during my frenzied first-time sourdough baking. As you know, making bread is another of my passion, and with bread, we get to eat it after I make it!

    If you have taken a picture of your hand today, Saturday, either send me the link, or a JPG.

  2. And I don't have a wee bump under my knuckle. We don't know how that appeared.

  3. Here's mine...

  4. Aaaaargh! I knew it. I carried my camera around all day yesterday and I knew there was a reason why... Seriously, my brain is too small for more than one idea at a time. Bother.

    I love your image, Meg. Now I've let off steam I am going to ponder your hand.

  5. Brain-one-thing, that's my specialty, Cally, for as long as I can remember. My parents never understood this, ergo they thought I was rebellious.

    Ponder my sourdough bread. I think this next batch is going very well.

  6. How elegant your hand looks with the shuttle! Quite different to mine contorted as I struggle to tie a good tight little knot.

  7. It's the shuttle, Dot. I swear, I used to have skinny hands and fingers until a few years ago. One year, Mom couldn't help herself, and she exclaimed, "Goodness me, even your fingers have put on weight!" I was shocked, too, when I saw this picture, as I had imagined they weren't this chubby! I bet my feet and toes have put on weight, too! But at least they are useful. Dad has arthritis and that's one of my biggest potential obstacle in my goal to weave until I'm well into my 90's.


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