Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Week of It

Thursday - walnut shell solution dye.  I'm so not a brown person, but I like simple natural dyeing, so I dyed some fabric I prepared last year for the indigo workshop, and even made a small merino warp.  The small skeins I dyed last year, and I dug them out before making the warp.  I remembered I preferred gray yarns dyed in walnuts rather than white/undyed yarns, as the grays take on more expressions.  I also still like big katazome-dyed shapes.
Friday - drawing, then came home straight away; the arm was bothering me so much, I had to have a nap.  I think it was more emotional than physical.

Weekend - Ben and I did some gardening, but I kept the "brace" on, so the work was slow but pleasurable, and no damage done. Also tried to catch up on Harry Potter films; watched 6 and 7.

Monday - town; mammogram, short video of sculptor Terry Stringer at the Suter, used book shop, (got "The Lost King of France" on credit I accumulated,) three hours in the Australian craft material shop Spotlight but only bought stickers, iron -on patches and ribbons for my 5-year-old niece, fish and chips for dinner.

Tuesday - utterly frustrated I cannot weave; planned to do a little housework, a little gardening, and then concoct a P2P2 plan that doesn't involve left hands, but I ended up doing housework all day; gazed at and revised To Do lists several times, regretted taking off my "brace".  Though I started reading "The Lost King" in the evening. Still learning how much of the muscles on my left hand I use, because I'm right handed!  Washing dishes and typing are two of the worst things, besides weaving. 

Wednesday - after a yucky night waking up several times due to arm pain, feel utterly frustrated I cannot weave, feel stupid about the amount of housework yesterday, and decided to be realistic.  I took the four Log Cabin scarves off the loom to rest; ditto with the art swap scarf; cut off the first 8cm of Tim's scarf already woven, and washed to examine shrinkage; I could mend and hem these in a few days.
I could fringe these.
Or I could be good and rest my art.  I was so good about keeping my arm in what I'm calling my "brace"; it's a stretchy bandage thingie with a metal support bar; I think the hand is supposed to wrap around the metal bar, but I've been wearing the metal on the outside; this way my fingers can't move as freely, and the metal bar doesn't slip out of the sleeve and the bottom rub against the inside of my arm.  The hankie protects my arm from the Velcro friction.  
And/Or do something about P2P2 because I only have a week to make something.  Or I can read.


  1. Sorry about your hand and arm. I can relate. I love the walnut-dyed pieces, really beautiful. Hope you're feeling well today. Hugs.

  2. I think you're doing tremendously well not to use the matal bard to punch a hole in the wall! How about reading all the Harry Potter books again from the beginning?

  3. matal bard? That was supposed to be metal bar. We have a new keyboard and I keep missing the keys (I've made umpteen corrections in this comment already). You'd think they were all the same but on this one my typing is really bizarre.

  4. Thanks, ladies.

    Connie, if I don't type, don't wash dishes and don't weave, and keep my arm in that thing, I'm pretty OK. I think it's more psychological, this frustration.

    Cally, I imagined a robotic Bill Shakespeare for a moment, there, and that I have to be more literate and even lyrical in complaining about my predicament! :-) I have been thinking I would like to revisit Harry Potter because I did have a fabulous time reading 1-4 in something like a month, which is very fast for me. Then I remembered I had to wait for a year for 5 and kind of lost interest. But I know there is so much not in movies, and I did enjoy that sense of the unknown, the unseen, and the magic, and boy, we loose that trying to be grownups, don't we!


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