Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life Going On

I am a bad, impatient patient; I have been using my hands and the left one hurts unless I have the "brace" on. Naughty.

Thursday I spent over seven hours on Marlborough Weavers and Festival blogs, including editing something like 100 or 200 photos from last November. I was thinking how hard it is to work with groups and what a difficult staff/volunteer I am.

Friday, drawing, spent some time with Ronette, and then with Kath. I've had a lot to ponder about friendship.

Weekend, I as supposed to garden a bit and work on P2P2, but my arm hurts and I feel restless, so I've done a little bit of housework, finished five cashmere scarves, and read a bit. And played much too much simple computer games with my right hand.
Four cashmere Log Cabin merchandises.  Two teals in the warp; indigos, teals and purples in the weft; all eight weft yarns are different from each other.  I have warp left for one more scarf in this color scheme, and for five more in a color scheme I can't even remember; possibly two indigos/navies. 

Analogous Log Cabin makes easy fashion items, but are mindless and boring to weave, and at times impossible to see.  After I weave the six waiting to be woven on the loom now, I'm not going to weave Log Cabin unless I have a good reason to, as in color combination sampling.  The aim was to create "merchandise" with interesting colors, (check), and to get a better understanding of how Shadow, Corkscrew and Echo weaves behave as regards the colors.
Tomorrow morning at 10, The Group members are coming to my house, so we moved the kitchen table into the living room in preparation. 
Meanwhile Log Cabin warp quietly awaits.  (Those boxes contain weft candidates for the next four projects.)
City Light was finished, label put on, tag made up, and put in yellow tissue paper and my old gold bag.  It will be delivered next weekend. I wonder if I can work on Tim's scarf just a little bit this week. 

Tuesday morning, to the doctor to sort out my left arm. And P2P2.


  1. Please be kind to your left arm, otherwise you get a hard rehabilitation and then maybey ou can't weave at all.
    ♥ Meta

  2. Beautiful scarves! Please take care of that arm.

  3. Ditto from me -- gorgeous scarves, mind your arm!

  4. Thank you, friends. It has become a psychological warfare, I tell you. It's as if my arm is challenging me to do something I've not thought of doing, whatever that is. I do plenty of virtual weaving, so it must be something else.


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