Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yeah... Not Sure...

"City Light", the art-swap piece.
There is much to practice and improve as regards using cashmere on the big loom. One relatively easy solution is to use only the cashmere/silk mix in the warp, instead of the foamy 100% yarns. The tension I'm willing to place these soft 100% yarns is tentative at best, which presents great problems in the (un)eveness of beating, which is not my forte at the best of times.

I had two floating selvedge outside this draft, which proved ugly and scalloped in places.
(The selvedge looks worse in the reverse side. I think I need to study how the interlacements at the sides of pieces are arranged, and change the treatment accordingly.)

The texture of the cloth is a denser version of my spongy cashmeres, and if I may say so myself, dreamy. In this regard, this is a great success.

I might have woven another one had my arm allowed me to, and changed the selvedge setup, possibly.

* * * * *

For about a week I've been resigned to not being able to weave anything for P2P2 and was clueless as to what to show in the final reveal instead.  Some mindless collaging did the trick, I think.  I got some vague ideas last night. I hope I have something worthwhile to show you.  


  1. The name "city light" suits this cloth. Lovely photos, it's good to see what you are weaving!

  2. Dear, dear Dot, I really didn't want to post this scarf because of the selvedge, and I'm still not sure if I want to deliver this, but the art swap took place, (i.e. we got his work) at the start of January, so I feel a bit in a rush. Besides, spring has sprung and in a couple of weeks we won't need any scarves!


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