Didn't do much, except complain about the dud cashmere warp and the heat. And cooked and ate a lot of veggies and legumes.
From far left: two faced twills in three pale blues wefts, a nice piece but utterly unexciting; Christmas Present motif with autumnal wefts, OK but structurally unexciting enough for Santa Fe; an experiment in "do as I say, not as I do"; I keep telling mother to not change colors if she wants to show off structure and yet I went ahead and failed/aborted; same structure in one weft because I was too tired to think of something fresh; leftover fabric in much simpler draft but with more rapid changes. Conclusion: I do love close-up structural interests and in that vein, only the last swatch was successful. Which requires my "bold" attempts to be more structurally finicky to keep me happy, and yet be, ummm, bold in appearance from some distance.

Next up: pink baby blanket
in this draft,
which is this draft turned and doubled,
a draft I've wanted to weave for as long as I've had this book,
which has been a long, long time. And mine.
I've not woven much of 18DPI or sparser in a while so the thought of 6 EPI freaked me out and I sleyed at 8 EPI, so the piece will be more rustic than luxurious in hand, but that's OK, I'm pretty ruthless when it comes to using my woven cloth, and this will stand in good stead for years to come. This is a wide warp, though, and though I'm weaving standing up I can't see from one selvedge to the other unless I kneel on the bench!

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Meg said...

I also made five pairs of house pants/PJ bottoms of the crudest construction in three days; three for B, two for me. Much needed, but I'm utterly disappointed with my sewing skills, my machine, (I can sew better on my mother's or just about anybody else's that I've ever borrowed,) and lack of my own patience. I've always been convinced sewing is such a useful and wonderful skill, but never got anywhere. Whereas just getting ready to throw my shuttle again to weave my purple piece gave me the chills, thrills and giddiness I get from nothing else in life.