2012 is coming to a close. In 2013, I am going to:

1) Start thinking not in terms of what I haven't done, but what I have done, and concentrate on the quality of the job or the amount of joy I experienced while doing it. If I still feel compelled to record numbers, as I'm prone to, I won't use fractions with the denominator admonishing me how many times I should have done that task;

2) In the same vein, be less punitive. Be less angry about politics and social injustices. Let go of things; don't be a drenched duck; lighten up. If it helps, don't look back because I stew more than learn from the past. Don't commit to things; think carefully before I sign up;

3) Resume studying Italian. I think this every week but I'm doing this systematically, and my system is: do something every day, even if it's to learn one new word, go over the spelling of the days of the week, listen to Rai for an hour, or learn the location of a new town on the map. Something;

4) Draw regularly, even outside class. Also try to revisit some and consider what "finishing" means;

5) Start reading all the plays and editorial/tutorial comments in my Riverside Shakespeare from Page 1; skip Sonnets if I like. I've thought about doing this since 1982 when I graduated from college, partly because after three and a half years of intensive study, I never got that The Bard's words are pertinent in the modern age. I see his plays as a social commentary on his glorious times and him as the first bona fide blockbuster writer/playwright, but not related to my time;

6) Dye;

7) Become healthier;

8) In the same vein, stop watching so much telly or gazing at the computer. Do something with my hands other than typing; 

9) Clean house/garden; don't give up on the idea that my domicile should reflect what I make.

You may have noticed that I don't have weaving goals, other than 5). I've become more accustomed to multiple ideas running riot in my head most time and feel OK moving from one to another and back again. If something/s isn't/aren't banging at my door, I can always go knocking on my list. It's going to be an "Expect the Unexpected" sort of a year, 2013.


Cate Rose said...

My 2012 was goalless -- and I managed to do more than in previous years. I'll write about it soon on one of my blogs. Your list is a good one, hope you see it as a working action plan and not a list of resolutions that you'll beat yourself up for if you don't do them or do them perfectly. There's got to be a lot of wiggle room, you know, for life to happen as it will.
Re: studying Italian -- once I realized I'd never be able to move to Italy, I gave up on learning the language. I bought some excellent books, though, a GOOD Ital/Eng dictionary and a verb book, as well as a language text. I'll be keeping those for the duration because, you never know!

Deanna said...

I love your goals, so many of them are similar to what I have been thinking about...Italian, garden/house, let go of political that I can do nothing about...

Meg said...

Connie, "a working action plan and not a list of resolutions" - that's a really good way to look at it. No, keep the Italian books. Like you say, one never knows! (I still even have my French books from WAY before Italian.)

Meg said...

Deanna, that last one, about letting go, that is one hard one for me. It's one of my family inheritance.

Meg said...

I think I need to put this on my wall/s so I don't forget the more abstract stuff.

Maria Julkunen said...

Hear hear, concentrate on the joy! That's it in a nutshell as the Italian, drawing, garden etc should fit under the same guideline :)

Meg said...

Yes, Maria, for the most part. Garden, I'm trying once I get out there. But there seems to be SO much more inside the house that's interesting/enticing/inviting.