Heather's Weaverly Love

I feel so loved. This is an envelope I received from Heather of Weaving Arts Thursday night.
It contained a piece of shibori-dyed piece of silk, (her first piece ever!), a piece of yarn from a jacket knitted some 20 years ago, and a hand-felted & stitched brooch in Black and White. And a letter.

Parts of the silk has clear distinct patterns and others blurred areas; it's easy to admire the clear parts but the color gradation in the less distinct parts are beautifully blue-y and burgundy-y and cloud-like. 

The yarn has got a lot of mohair, among other things, and a bit scratchy, but based on burgundy and gold, it has all the colors of the rainbow in small amounts and is a lovely study on variation and proportion.

The brooch made me think of the Silver Fern, worn by most/all New Zealand national sports teams in the first instance. It's full of texture and different values of gray and once again it reminded me that I do love achromatism. But wait...

I do love her card. Its' lovely, very special, and colorful. I feel the presence of the person/maker who packed this envelope most strongly from this card. I've been thinking of carrying it with me.

Thank you so much, Heather. I wish you a lovely holiday season. 

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