Saturday, December 29, 2012

Feeling Jane's Love

Ben found an envelope from Jane in the PO box this morning. And it's so lovely. A card with a small bookmark, with a message and the list of contents: eight threads, (5 meters each!) from her working box, either used recently or her favs, in a delicate bag; a small hot pink noteboook, the same size she carries to record inspirations, (a kindred stationary lover,) a set of photographs about Jane, (the one showing her bookmarks I've taken out to show you below the threads; another set of inspirations from Lapland of Finland; her business card with interesting words, and a tiny crocheted flower.

Her personal photographs and how she came to be interested in weaving is wonderful - exactly the kind of things I love to learn about another weaver. It turns out we both started with handmade looms. I had forgotten about mine; in college I worked out how I can weave a relatively large piece (hanky-size) of plain weave cloth and had my then-boyfriend build a frame about A2 size, (double letter size,) and hammered in tiny nails all around it myself. Even then, I tried to make as flat a cloth as possible using the skinniest knitting yarns I could find. From memory, one was orange! 

I've been thinking a lot about Heather's felted broach, achromatism, and texture, and Jane's threads and the bookmark on the card fit into my thinking; not exactly achromatic but lovely and possibly more to my taste our summer light. 

The small size of the notebook and the photographs make me wonder, too. I write big and my eyesight is bad, so I tend to prefer larger things, (at least A5, roughly half of letter size,) but I can carry Jane's photographs and notebooks so easily, and I look forward to taking Jane along to Japan next Feb,. In fact, I think I'm going to take all my envelopes to show my mother. 

And Finland, oh, Finland. If you celebrate synchronicity, you will smile when I tell you I also received a card from Maria today; you know, she's from Finland, though I don't know if it's Lapland.

I appreciate the thoughts that go into these envelopes. They are lovey, personal, touching, and very, very special. Thank you so very much. 

* * * * *

"A Day in the Lift of Looms" Version 4; let's do it. Take loom pics on January 1, 2013; post and send me the links or send me pics. It's a Loom Pic Fest, so no theses required.

Here are V1, V2, V3. I didn't realize we've been doing this for this many years. And one of my looms still has the same warp as 2011! I'd better get a move on.


  1. Hurrah! It arrived. I'm looking forward to my trip to Japan :-)

    I wrote a few words when I put it together which I've just released now that I know it arrived safely - I'm hoping that the US one also arrived. More at

  2. Well, the plan is, (and it's bound to change many times,) either, we will go to the city of Kiryu which is the Tokyo/Kanto Region's kimono production center, OR, go visit a production weaver/manufacturer in the Osaka/Kansai region, who has a small factory, and who is constantly experimenting and innovating in order to produce fabric to order for small garment manufacturers. We'll see if I can travel the distance!

  3. Sounds fantastic, and I know what you mean about plans that change :-)
    I've only spent 50 hours in Japan and that was in Tokyo city a couple of years ago on the way back from a trip to Sydney. An amazing city. And definitely on the list of places to return to someday. I'm just a bit jealous.


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