A Proper Leisurely Lunch

Mom and I met with Eiko Travaglini of Tuesday Weavers for lunch today, "lunch" being a symbolic term for sushi/Japanese sweets/endless cups of cold tea/talking/laughing just short of seven hours. Among other things, Eiko earlier on dedicated her life to the art of Japanese calligraphy. She's also tried a few crafts before she arrived at weaving a year ago, when a light bulb went on telling her all other crafts were precursors to her weaving. Ah, great minds think alike. I laughed so hard my face started to hurt about halfway through the day.

And that's about all Mom and I did today. We've both come home with lots of interesting new ideas to be tried out on our looms.

And, Eiko, thank you for making Mom's first proper leisurely lunch in a long while so special. She'd forgotten such a thing had existed.


StarByte said...

Awesome, Meg. Nice. I'm glad your mom has you as a guide into re-entry. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I knew that you would love Eiko as much as we do!! All of our best wishes for you and your Mom went along with her.
Tuesday Weavers

Tina J said...

I just knew you would hit it off, wish I could have been that fly on the wall! Best wishes from the Tuesday Weavers, Tina

LA said...

It sure sounds like you two "hit it off" in a big way! I'm so glad you and Eiko (and your Mom) had such a lovely time together.

Laura Fry said...

Laughter is the best medicine.

Meg said...

Mom got up really early, (as usual,) and was weaving by 8AM, (not so.) I, on the other hand, woke up really late with facial muscle pains around the eyes and the mouth and feel motivated but look severely cross, folks. :-) ;-) ;-| >-/ (-> /-\