Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fabric Details

As promised, some details of the fabrics hung in my wee workspace. Mom is horrified I'm posting pics of the room in "that" state!
Re the last fabric, I said black dots and lines, but I stand corrected; they are all dots! The yellow and black in the last pic is inaccurate; the yellow is lighter and both colors are much more saturated, giving the fabric a more severe, graphic-art-like look.

My sister came yesterday and didn't have to rush off as she does often. The three of us laughed until I fell off the chair, but she still got one big task associated with the business end of a Japanese funeral done, and gave Mom some invaluable advice. Her father-in-law passed away last August, so she's one step ahead of us and has given us great insights/foresights throughout the whole process saving us so much trouble and loss of time and energy. And money. And she went back to her ceramics class this month.

A cousin I haven't seen for over... 40 years is coming this afternoon, and this should be another nostalgic day.

All this has been great, but I'm feeling severely frustrated, mostly with myself, for not getting any work done. Mom is finishing her piece as I type, but we have to rearrange the workspaces and she has yet another set of guests tomorrow, so it may be tomorrow night before I can get going. Grrrr... I'm so frustrated I haven't slept well! At least now that I have a realistic schedule I hope I can move on with fine-tuning some drafts and finalizing the first two wefts. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!


  1. The fabrics are awesome -- way different than they looked in the previous photos. Glad to hear things are coming along well at home, and that you'll be weaving again soon.

  2. I agree with Connie....these fabrics are fantastic! So beautiful. Good luck with getting some weaving done. It'll happen.

  3. I know! I was quite disappointed with the previous pics. But then even when they're made into garments, that's how they will look from a distance, and these are what you see when you come closer to me, right? So, a good lesson.


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