This, That and the Other but Not It

Wee niece wanted to weave another piece, very much inspired by Grandma's red cushions. I had her write the colors she likes so I can mix/match from Mom's cotton stash. Niece included just about all the colors a little girl could be expected to know except black, so I had to ask her to mark her fav two or three.
I made this wee warp. I deliberately made the boarders of some colors irregular and mixed. And I couldn't help having a wee play, but didn't do a great job of it. But at least I got to weave a bit.
Meanwhile Mom wants to weave more of the wavy networked twills, so we picked some sampling yarns. This time I'll give her hints, but she'll create her own drafts.
I've been painfully aware our Small Piece Exhibition is upon us. I had given up on making something myself, but I hate hosting something and not taking part, so here's a possibility.

This was a gift to Dad from one of his students after he'd come home from his Honeymoon in Okinawa in the days when those islands still felt very far away and exotic. Our family loved this piece and it has lived in different parts of the house over the decades, but the colors have faded and the white background, despite Mom's stain-removing efforts, has stained. Mom dug it up today. She was looking for material for her rag weaving, and suggested I might give that a go. With this.

I've never done rag weaving, and I hesitate to cut into this wee family treasure, but if I can think of a way to give the piece a second life, why not?
The It. I ordered and received my commission yarns. That's about the extent of my own work. I've got a very early stage of the draft, but not a whole heck of a lot else.
And remember, a year ago, I didn't have enough gray yarn of any of my choices so I had to mix and match quite a bit? Guess what I saw on my first day back this trip?

Golly gee.

I mean, I should have asked!
Otherwise, life goes on. Today we had to do some work on Dad's pension. Bureaucracy. Enough said.

* * * * *

We're supposed to have lunch with Eiko on Thursday. About then a tropical storm may be landing. We'll see.

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