A Small Countdown

I'm in a small panic. I knew the idea I had was time-consuming, but I did not realize how much, even though I'm using Really Fat yarns. Gee... And my foot/ankle I twisted last New Year's Eve has been acting up, even though I did not fall/twist/sprain/hurt it. Why now?????

I have two classes tomorrow, one on Zen meditation while sitting on a chair, (as opposed to on the floor, which makes a heck of a difference to moi,) and another on gesture drawing, which I discovered is called "croquis"; all my life I thought it was yet another drawing material. So, yay for finally looking it up in the dictionary. However, I won't be home until later in the afternoon tomorrow.

If you already have a small something to show, do please email me the link to your post, or send me the photos, so that I may be able start setting up today.

To those of you who contacted me, sorry I didn't get in touch regarding the exhibition name. I was preoccupied with Mom's fight against bureaucracy, but lucky us, she has submitted all the pieces of paper to all relevant public offices as of Friday and now awaits to hear from a couple of places regarding her pension.

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