Wellllll... Yeah......

In my head the hues were more subtle, the gray, cashmere side the "right" side, and most devastatingly, the movement in the weave structure was supposed to show up. The piece in real life is a tad less "white" than in these pics.
This is the silk side, which I made, in the end, the right side. You can tell where I had tension problems, (yellow, right of center,) due to lazy winding. In real life, the gray weft looks spotty, and the overall piece not straight/true. The cloudy parts of the interlacement look muddled, not sharp. I would love to try this draft on my 16-shaft with my cottons woven under very high tension some time.

It looks amazingly better in the pic than in person, trust me.
Here's a better view of what was supposed to happen.
I wasn't sure how long I wanted the fringes to be, so I made them long and washed, and looking at the balance, cut them in half.
I'm half hitting myself on the head as this is, for me, the cost of not sampling. Yikes.

Moving on...


  1. Oh, la, la, la, I can't hear you... So it surprised you and didn't look the way you'd planned. It's still amazing. It's lovely, Meg. I'll bet it feels just spectacular, too!

  2. La, la, la. Can't hear you. :-P It does feel good, yes.

  3. I think it is really lovely, both from a distance and close-to. I agree that it doesn't show off the draft as clearly as you might wish for, though, so I understand the weaverly disappointment! By a weird coincidence I have just purchased a kilo of grey cashmere, so I will learn from your experience that I need to sample first...

  4. I should know better by now. But it does feel wonderful. Weaverly disappointments - ah, my life wouldn't be right without them. LOL.


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