I can share Mom's weaving space or the big tatami-mat room, but this tiny room is mine exclusively for the duration of my stay, (except for the big wardrobe and some of Mom's yarns and fabrics that live here permanently,) and this is where I contemplate in the mornings. In the afternoons it gets so hot I have to go downstairs, and this has been a cool week! When mom vacates a loom, though, I'll have to think of ways to survive the heat and weave. 
Ben and I happened upon a small fair of Nagano Pref products and before we knew it, before I was aware of what I was doing, I was feeling some hand-dyed silks. These threads were the last lot from a weaver before she passed away, apparently, and apparently I got a good deal from the weaver's friend who was at the fair. 
From right, the pink/red/yellow/green fabric is a silk swatch, one of many Mom bought at Lahariya, India, some years ago. We love the liveliness of it, and I'm wondering if I can produce the mood with Mom's cashmeres. Of course cashmere doesn't have the sheen, but one can only hope.

The white-ish cloth is a cover Mom insists on putting over the silks and the cashmere warps. I don't like the idea because if they are going to fade, I'd like them to fade while in my hands so I know what I'm working with before I sell the finished pieces, but Mom has different ideas.

The somewhat shocking-looking cotton fabric is a hand-dyed piece I am thinking of turning into a sun dress. It has amazing details and such a cheerful, summery look.  
The gray hoodie and blue-yellow linen shirt are some of my new acquisition for the summer, but also a color combo I'm keen on for a commission piece.

The yellow and blue sheer-suckers are also sun dress candidates; the yellow piece has black dots and lines giving a graphic-design-like look; the blue one is a cheerful floral.   
And here's my wee office, with a couple of weaving books, my trusty cashmere samples folder, some yarns and equipment Ben brought over for me, art supplies, etc. The equipment in the middle with a red "veil" is a Japanese spinning wheel. (Mom likes to cover things with fabric, of which she has lots.) The white box at lower left is my temporary fabric box, and it's chock full. The big white box covered in embroidered fabric in the foreground is Mom's big fabric case. Above the bunting I made during my last visit is something I have in all my work space, a picture of my Dad, who always encouraged me in my endeavors.  

So, as usual, no time to waste.


margery meyers haber said...

I love your office! Wish I could visit you there, Meg. Hugs...

Dorothy said...

I have gone back to the dyed silks picture several times, those are lovely yarns, could the colours be from natural dyes?

Meg said...

Margery, no, I wouldn't let you. The two sticks from which the cloths hang are ever so precariously perched and fell twice in one afternoon, and though lightweight, they hurt a bit! The key is to leave the windows closed a bit and ... to use them up fast!

Dot, I must show you the details of the hand-dyed and also the yellow piece. They are quite intriguing.