Last night, I couldn't sleep, so I rocked myself in the hammock watching late night cop shows. Ummmm, yes, we have a hammock in our living room during summer; years ago when we bought it we first assembled it in the living room, and ever since it lives in living room during summer and is stored it away in winter.

Anyhoo, I thought I felt something akin to drowsiness, so I went to bed, where promptly I found myself wide awake. After a while Ben stirred so I told him what happened, and he laughed claiming I'm like a baby! Oh well. Perhaps. He went promptly back to sleep and I about half an hour later.
I've been working on the Sketchbook Project sketchbook. I think in the Mixed Media/Art Journal speak, I've done most of the backgrounds, but it's pretty intense; as with writing and drawing, I never know when is the right time to stop and when I need to work more. I didn't like what I did last year I don't even have one photo from it, and can't remember what I did. Of the choices of themes this year:
  • Strange Neighbors
  • Borders and lines
  • A simple place
  • Accidents
  • Found!
  • Dudes and latitudes
  • To the last page!
  • First aid kit
  • Say words out loud
  • Paper airplanes
  • This list...
  • Atlas of...
  • Greetings from…
  • 32 Days
  • This is not about you
  • This is not about me
  • Undecided
I'm going with Strange Neighbors, which is me, the non-gardener. But as usual my contents don't adhere to the theme, and more like a non-sense book. My only goal is to make the pages interesting-looking.
Ah, the sample. It's still wet, being just out of a spinning cycle, so the colors are not accurate and in the photo I can't see the orange and pink halves too well. But here's the thing: I'm not crazy about the pink being lighter in value than the other three, and while working under florescent lights I didn't want to call too much attention to the difference in values of the two halves, but more hint at it. The right value for the weft has been my main concern, and the draft needs further fine-tuning, but I'm looking forward to the sample drying.

Mom's moving into her apartment in a fortnight. 


Meg said...

Oh, no! The pink side looks far more interesting in the evenings under halogen lights!

Cate Rose said...

I adore that collage!!

Meg said...

Yeah, that's one of the two pages that have worked well so far, Connie. Much MUCH more to do!