The Night Before the Day After

We started Christmas a little early. We had coffee and panattone for breakfast, and truffle pecorino omelet with dark greens and cherry tomato for lunch. Pecorino smelled wonderful, but we didn't "get" the fuss over truffles; we may need to experience them in a different format next time. And Ben made me fluffy lime cheesecake; that is, cheese is fluffed up, not the lime. 

It's been a cool, cloudy day in Nelson. Some Kiwis call this gloomy, but except for the midday blinding sun, it's my next best thing to a winter's day. We've been promised rain for some days but 30 seconds last night and three minutes this afternoon is about all we had. Perhaps a little more overnight after Santa's visit.

I looked inside three boxes of VHS tapes that sat in the corner of the living room for, I was going to say half a dozen but probably closer to, a dozen years; I've meant to dispose them all these years, save the one or two of my nephews and one documentary on two weaver brothers from Kyoto. (We still have a working VHS and a record players all hooked up.) It turns out I had six from my sister's family, and a little over two wine boxes filled with documentaries, samurai shows and Japanese comic shows Dad recorded for me in the 90's, all with TOC in his tiny handwriting, some with evaluations, and two with notes in big letters: "Skip hh:mm ~ hh:mm; it's worthless; don't waste your life." Typical. He really did love doing little things for us.

I'm not ready to biff them so I asked Ben to keep the VHS player, and we're storing the two wine boxes in the storage under the stairs; next step, tidying and culling the contents of that storage. But we are making progress. I put up a To Do list for the next couple of weeks on the fridge; lots to do, but most are very tiny things. And we are playing and relaxing a lot, too.

And I finished assembling my W2W2 envelopes. They can go out on the 27th, I think, when the post office reopens.


Carol said...

That's a classy breakfast, Meg, sounds delicious! Lovely that your Dad made so many videos for you and annotated them. We've had a lovely day too, lots to eat but also very relaxing time. Now for Boxing Day. Oh, and it has rain all day, so cooler but I'd like to see sun tomorrow.

Meg said...

It was a yummy day and I thought I got a lot done! I sincerely hope we get some rain, though. Many parts of the country has, but not us.