A Day in the Life of Looms

Or Loomsday, as Cally coined it.

Happy New Year; I wish us all a lovely, colorful, and even-tensioned 2014 and more peace and tranquility on our planet. My year started with a roaring thunderstorm, so I could not have gotten to a better start. And we had a lovely visitor, Yoko, who graduated from our local Polytechnic 15 years ago; she is enjoying the shortest holiday I heard of, even for a Japanese traveler, of four days in New Zealand, but we got four hours of her time catching up. I love former students visiting us, and my shorter cashmere piece now has a lovely new home.

Without further ado, here are my babies, in their natural, (i.e. messy) habitat. Yoko commented my place didn't look that bad in my blogs, so here they are, the honest truth.
 RH in the corner, but it is not unloved exactly. I have some plans for joyweaving on it.
Klick may look like it has the same old blue cotton warp on it, and well, it does, but I have two warp beams on this so the loom gets used for samples and experimentations. I just took off the red "Friendship" warp off recently. The box above contains the yarns I was going to use for my dad's ruana.
8-shaft sample loom ex-polytech. Yes, the same cotton warp since P2P. I want to weave this, but every time I go into the stash room, I start cleaning the room or pick up a good weaving book/magazine and never manage to weave on this...
 The overworked 16-shaft. Much loved, much appreciated, in need of some TLC.
4-shaft jack, also ex-polytech. I have a couple of wonderful plans for this one; one involves the shiny orange silk yarn, but the other requires me to learn card-weaving, so that will come later. Beyond is mandarin tree I started from seeds some years ago; it nearly died twice in droughts and I'm trying my third resurrection. I don't do bonsai, but this tree is around 10 years old because it keeps dying and I keep bringing it back to life.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Meg! I woke up to the realisation that I have to get that sample warp off the Delta again as I need it for something else - so I had better get a move on. So many plans, not enough life.

Margreet said...

Meg, Happy New Year to you too!
A New Year with new challenges ;-)

Desirée said...

Here comes another one... http://hemvävt.net/2014/01/01/loomsday/

Meg said...

They are lovely, aren't they? Many different projects. Lovely. Cally, I'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like that. No, not enough life.