A Running Start...

I'm trying to work on the sketchbook today, hoping to finish it actually, but got a running start by photographing some things I saw around the house.

Notes from my FB profile: I've been trying to get reinspired about photography for months, years, now, but haven't felt it, or bothered to try anything about it except to enroll in a short online course. (Signing up and paying are the easy parts, aren't they?) Here are a few things I saw this morning that looked lovely."
Yeah.... I know..... You have to be inside our upstairs look to shoot this one. But I always though this tiny lock was prettily designed.
Looking at small sections of Merrin Westerink's painting in our living room, I suddenly realized the many design classes I took in the last decade forcing me to look at tiny sections of larger "pictures" also made me overcome my dislike of modern and/or abstract art. On that respect, they were so worth it!
My kitchen curtain. I like smaller details but my hands are shaking this morning so none of those shots worked.
Oh, the joy of buying used books! Sometimes they come with their own history, and how I loved the little pockets and the cards inside when I was a little kid!!

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