Another Friday / Weavers and Desginers

Look what Connie sent me! And look what message she added.
And that concludes the visually pleasing part of the week.

For the rest of the week, (well, since late afternoon on Wednesday,) I have donned my super-fortified-by-Ben glasses,
and have ever-so-slowly and reluctantly delved into my receipt box and did the right thing as a citizen. Strangely, I don't feel too bad about working on the tax returns this year, and the work is progressing surprisingly fast. About time, considering I've been with this kind accountant for about seven or eight years, and have had a system of sorts for about five. I can take my hot pink binder to her Monday morning, guaranteed.

Meanwhile, young Annie has been weaving until the wee hours and has finished her sample, and wishes to come over on Monday to discuss fringe options, possibly wet-finish it here, AND design and put on a new warp. I don't know if she's young and ambitious or I'm old and tired but it sounds like a lot to pack into a day, but I shall take vitamins in the morning and give it my best. She wants to weave with thinner yarns but as her RH is 6EPI, either she'll have to find suitable thick yarns or we'll use my usually-18EPI stuff with tree ends to the dent. Or attempt really spaced out weaving. Her call. And I guess I'll have to put a warp on mine myself.

* * * * * 

Here's a bit more about "Weavers and Designers".

I've worked some more on the description, and added rules according to the conventions of photos-on-the-Internet schemes. These may still be updated, but I hope that will cease in early Feb.

For the time being, photos and discussions are open to group members only, though if you have your photos set to public view, they are visible to others from your own photostream.

We shall use both the Photos and Discussions tabs/areas; it is up to each member to find their comfortable place, but do please check both places and view what others have done/said. I've started a few discussion topics so nobody has to walk into an empty classroom, but I myself hope to get there in February as I keep saying. (It takes me several readings to understand the chapters and exercises, you see.)

When you work on the exercises, please feel free to not use the exact material the book specify but work with whatever you have, unless you want to add to your stash. And if you don't get an exercise, or just don't want to do it, skip it.

I sincerely hope everybody likes the book as much as I do; I'm starting to dread everybody forking out money to get it and then to think, "What on earth was she thinking??" a few paragraphs in.

If anybody knows how a group admin can email/contact everybody in a Fllickr group, please let me know. That could make my life easier.

Right. Back to the spreadsheet.


  1. Glad you like that postcard! Inspiration packet is probably mid-Pacific as we speak.

  2. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!!


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