It happens a lot in Nelson; I meet someone lovely and hope to be friends but don't take the time or stay in my basement or real life intervenes and before you know it they're moving out of Nelson. Lovely Maclean from the only independent bookshop in Nelson is taking off with her husband. Darn. I can follow their travels on their Flickr, they are both trained photographers, but still it's a little sad.

* * * * *

Have I tald you about my teeth? I chipped a front tooth big time, I think, when I was in Japan in late 2011. I hadn't had time, with the exhibtion in 2012 and family stuff in 2013, so I finally got it fixed on Friday the 13th last December. Then, on the 21st, I chipped the other front tooth, so I had that fixed yesterday. But those are the less painful teeth. A long standing problem finally got adequately bad to have had the roots extracted a week ago and we're going to observe the progress. If the bone is healthy, we will put one implant with two teeth on top. If not, it's either two implants, or a plate, which is apparently the 21st Centurty term for false teeth. Yikes.

* * * * *

My dentist Paul is a really nice man and I wouldn't go anywhere else, (I tried it once and was not amused,) but he's not your generic, bargain-priced dentist, and the work required is sort of at the plush end. And of course, I had to throw in a new pair of eyeglasses, too, didn't I.

I sitll want to go to Australia for Kaz's workshop, and if possible to a Mixed Media workshop at a fancy lake resort a couple of hours south of Kaz, which is the direction I would have to go to get on a plane to head home.

This is what I've been pondering while working on my tax returns. I have to curb my book-buying, notebook/sketchbook-coveting and yarn-yearning. And coffees in town as they add up. Fine. But can I justify it?

I will probably want to go home and check out my Mom's new luxury, (it's not bad, but I don't think it's really a luxuy place; I just like to call it that,) apartment. (She's got a landline now but won't pick up when I call on my cell and her phone tells her it's from an unregistered out-of-bounds number!) The last time Ben and I were on a proper holiday was in 2013 and I'm dying to get away and do nothing with him, even fore a short road trip. I thought Australia would be a good option, but he can't take off work around the time of the workshop/s, it appears., 

A proper grownup would tell you every fiber in her tells her to be sensible, but we're talking about me; I'm still scheming, planning, hoping. But I had a break from tax work today. I'm very tired. So I kept eating junk food. Not good.
 Nice to see a familiar face.
We still have the hammock in the living room. Ben asked if he could put it away as his summer finished when he went back to work. I said, not yet.
Ben's chair needs dusting. I've notced in the last 10 or so days the sun is now autumnal more than summery; I see different things in familiar places.


  1. "...book-buying, notebook/sketchbook-coveting and yarn-yearning." -- I love this phrase, and so true!

  2. McLean and Derek, really nice people. When driving past their previous home I often wonder how they're doing. Travel seems like a good option!

  3. Sherri, my sister would describe you as inflicted by the same disease as me, but I say, we have good taste and know how to make the most of life. Dianne, never had the pleasure of meeting the meter man, but McLean, yes, most definitely.


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