Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3, 2014

I have been gazing enviously at blogs reporting Day 1 and Day 2 activities of 2014. I had a great Jan 1 waking up to a thunderstorm, visiting with Yoko, and getting a sitting on the loom. Came Jan 2 and the sun was out and I had a total nada-day where I only got some reading done. But today, I got up to roaring wind and typhoon-like rain, managed some housework, finished the red piece and started on the green piece. I just hope I get more than every other day of productive days this year.

Yes, the weft is a dusty green indigo, pretty hideous to look at while weaving, particularly under florescent lights, but the contrasting hues make the cloth shimmer/glitter in different lights, so I'm fairly confident this will be an interesting piece. (But impossible to photograph today; - the reds are less yellow and more saturated, the "blue" is more yellow.) I am treading on thin ice, though, as I don't know how long the warp is and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed I can weave at least 150cm. Fingers, toes and arms crossed.
But it's almost the end of Jan 3 here, meaning I have 11 days left to work on the Sketchbook Project sketchbook, so the next little while weaving is going to be my reward every time I work on that. (And after the sketchbook comes it's tax returns, but I'm staying in denial for now.) 


  1. That is really beautiful!!

  2. Meg, I am almost on the same schedule as you! wove on 1 Jan, nothing but tidying up on 2nd, had couple of new weavers over yesterday. My deadline for my Kasuri pieces are 14th Jan and I have to do my Tax return too!


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