Sunday, February 23, 2014

Yikes, Again.

Friday drawing was OK. I've had this great idea for years and tried it out for the first time, but I need to change the size of the paper and/or think of how to move the sheet quickly so I can keep up with the class. The idea was to do a bunch of quick gesture drawing on one long sheet, so it looks like there are a lot of people at first, but they are all the same person, in the nude. (Sorry for the... sorry pic; this paper is perhaps 90cm high.)
Everybody loved the new model but she was covered in half-finished and seemingly unrelated North American tattoos and I kept feeling sick to my stomach. I didn't enjoy the session at all, which is too bad because she would have been a lovely model without the tats. 

Yesterday I took some rusty pics of the Refinery door. I  had the light spot on on a couple of these so I didn't have to tamper with saturation, which is always nice.I love the rust colors, though some of these parts were painted as well, I think. Just so you know.

EDIT: Maclean said: "...interesting how gradual decay can look so bewitching. We need to see ourselves that way!!!" I want to know how on earth one cultivates attitudes like that without redoing life as her child. Amazing. A-MAZING!


  1. Lovely textures in those rust photos!

  2. Thank you. I've always loved these rust colors.

  3. One of the most beautiful color combos out there.....rust and blue/green patina. Great pictures. And I think your sketching looks good.

  4. Thank you, Marei. I do like that very fast and loose queue/row/group of the same person. I do. Ben though it was a little like an old mural.

  5. Very interesting photos! I enjoy looking at the colours and textures. Maybe these are sketchbook work?

  6. These were great fun, Dot. I don't know how many times I sat in front of their door taking these, but before the gallery opened and with nobody coming or going, it was a great opportunity. Yes, I think they can be used in collages, yes, I agree!


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