I'll probably get a short-but-proper-length of the teal-on-reds piece, but, man, is it trying my patience! If you count the minutes, I probably spent more fixing broken warps today than weaving. But I'm going to go as far as I can because this is a nice piece, albeit quite warped in places, and I can either use it as cloth in the event I start sewing with my cloths, or I'll wear it. 

Wanting to weave, though, I put on one of the five abandoned Friendship warp on the 4-shaft; my notes said 144 ends @ 3.25 meters, the spread sheet 114 @ 8, but there were 112 ends and who knows how long it is! I've always had trouble writing down numbers; I'm not dyslexic, but there's always been a disconnect somewhere between my brain, my hand, and my eyes, and I could recite the numbers you say but still write down rubbish.

And though I don't remember making this, the colors are the same setup as the one on my big loom, multiples of reds in two halves of orange-ish and pink-ish. 
Since it's on a foot loom, I'm going to combine these elements and make up as I go. I've used these exact yarns to weave this style, oh, so, many years ago and I liked them very much so it'll be a nice project. Fingers crossed, eh.

Tomorrow is drawing; Saturday our drawing exhibition meets. Good times.

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