Friday, February 14, 2014

Humble Pie

Wednesday and Thursday were write-offs; I couldn't concentrate and it took me two days to write/type a dozen letters, most of them replies to Christmas cards. I did the laundry and cleaned the kitchen and that was bout it. I wanted to collage and make warp and do design work but I felt unfocused. And frustrated.

But today was a good day.
* I went to Ronette's figure drawing class and we're going to do lots of gesture drawings this term;
* I got my spiffy new glasses, (ergo the post title; apparently they were done yesterday but someone forgot to ring me!!) and these are the lightest pair I've had in all of my glasses-wearing 39 years. Bliss. My prescriptions don't change much any more, so these will suit me fine for the next, oh, at least five years;
* I ran errands, but I resisted buying small cute things several times. I'm getting better at this;
* I went to the Refinery and spoke to Vicky and Roger, (art administrators,) and Lloyd, (painter); always lovely but today an amazingly productive talk with Lloyd about making in a short time;
* I went to bookshop and helped, with two of their staff, a woman look for her car keys; the poor woman had three world's most patient boys in the car, and she couldn't find her keys late Friday afternoon; in the end it was in her purse, but she got a whole lot of sympathy from us all! And then I got to talk to Stella about our making, projects, artists needing company of other artists, etc. I love her; she's so intelligent, interesting, and lovely.
* Ben came to get me; I'd forgotten my phone at the bank, so staff there rang Ben, he picked it up, then came to get me. He knows where I am late Friday afternoons - this bookshop, or the veggie store.

The weaver is back. In all her forgetful glory!


  1. So glad your glasses finally arrived! May your life get back to normal quickly...

  2. Happy Valentine's Day my dear friend.

  3. Yes, Sandra.

    Liz, ummmm..... that was yesterday, LOL!! But right back at you.

  4. Glad you have your eyes back. I sit in the evening with one pair on top of my nose (to see the TV) and another on the end of my nose to see the knitting - waiting, waiting! Bifocals will come.

  5. Happy seeing! Love your choice of frame. I'm rather prejudiced as I have the same or very similar one. The almost weightlessness is great.

  6. As always, Meg -- I love your honesty about just this one day. I have days like that too, where I am unfocused and in spite of my best intentions and desire to get certain things done, those are the things that DON'T get done and everything else happens. and gets in the way. I also love that you turn it around and make the next day better.
    Right on about artists needing the occasional company of other artists. My ideal studio would not be in my home. It get lonely there sometimes. My ideal studio would be in a big old warehouse loft-y type of building with lots of windows and lots of other artists working there. Open 24 hours a day so I could go whenever the urge hits me ... and I would also have a little fully stocked studio at home for those middle of the night urges to create.

  7. Dianne, I've been on multifocals from around 42-ish; because I am SOOOOO near-sided, Dad said I won't need multifocals for a long time, but boy was he wrong! I needed them so badly by the time I got them, it took me two seconds to get used to my first pair!

    Janet, I've been having to check to make sure I have glasses on. No impact on my ears. Lovely.

    Maureen, I hang out with like-minded weavers right here, so I don't HAVE to have real life weaver interaction, although I love it when I do. Re. working, I have to do it alone and in quiet, (except for all the noise I make,) so you could say I'm all set, though not-basement and bigger would be nice more attractive, perhaps. Though I do like my basement. Stella, while she has gazillion artist friends, is looking for contemporary jewelery artist friends, but I suspect that as she becomes more active on her blog, she might fill in some of her holes. Or not; she might be more social and collaborative; I know she teaches and arranges "working together" (but not collaborating) opportunities.


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