It's been a slow weekend. We had no junk food in the house, so we've been munching on fruits, watching docos I recorded in Japan. But it's true what they say, time passes quicker as you get old; it takes three days for me to feel like we had a proper weekend.
I've started working on the design book a little. If anyone is still interested, it is not too late; here's what you do:

1) You have to have/create a Flickr photo blog account.
2) Find us here, or place your cursor on the search slot, select "Groups", type "Weavers and Designers", search.
3) On our Group page, a portion of the textbook cover appears in the the banner and below are tabs Photos, Members, Map and About. Photos tab will show nothing until you join; Members tab will show you member icons; Map tab, nothing; and About describes what you're getting into.
4) Click on the blue "+ Join Group" strip. Flickr will ask you to read the rules, but after that it's automatic. After you join, you will also see the Discussions tab. Photos and Discussions is where things are happening and are invisible to non-members.
5) First upload photos on to your Photostream, then You => Organize, select the photos you want to share with the group, then Send to Group, select our group. To read/join discussions, click on the tab, select the topic, or create one.

The rest, you get out what you want to, and to a degree, what you put in.

* * * * *

I've been looking at the postcards I sent Ben while I was away. It's almost striking, because I work on them, send them, and forget about them, and even though I can recall working on each one, I don't remember each card. Though I think some look nicer than others, I didn't really strong feelings about them. Today I like some more than others.
Yesterday Connie posted the ones I sent her, and likewise I was surprised; hers are colorful and vibrant and I actually like them, belatedly.

But these aren't propelling me to weave. I've decided this is OK until I get my new glasses.

Meanwhile, Annie is coming tomorrow morning. I will have some weaving powwow, at least.


  1. Is the first photo a texture?
    Postcard is very cool!!
    I tried to write comment. ^^

  2. Mana-san, hello!! No, the first picture is on a graph paper based on instructions in a 1980's design textbook.

    1. Wow! It is the graph paper with history. Did you make it?

    2. This one was done just last week. It's kind of an endless pit - I could do this for a long time.


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