Monday, May 21, 2018

Beef or Vegetarian?

I knitted Mom's scarf a little last night and today. I want this piece to be 120-130cm so I'll keep going until I reach 60cm-ish, (currently around 23cm,) and then reverse my... scheme. I'm designing as I go and taking notes.

It's been properly cold and windy and I love this time of the year. I made spinach soup and feijoa jam-thingie; I don't use much sugar at all, but let the fruit mixture cool and chuck in chia seeds. For dinner tonight, we had a choice of meat-eater, (Ben's beef casserole,) or vegetarian soups; we won't have to cook lunch or dinner for a day or two.

Oh, and I'm sure you are as sick of hearing me as I am of talking about it, so here's a not-so cryptic message.

To Do:
Online Sale

Please have a mosey and tell me what you think. (Did you notice the url says April? You and I know that was the plan, but shhhhhhh.)

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