The last few days I dithered avoiding what was supposed to be the big April online sale. Today, discussing our credit card bills and such with Ben, I finally decided to get off my unsmall. Still moving like the sloth that I am, because it's been so dark today, I decided to do some photographing.

On these occasions, showing my pieces as attractively as I can manage has always taken a back seat to trying to represent the colors, (at least on my screen,) as accurately as possible. Plus, today, I found all kinds of fun filter settings on Ben's camera, which enhanced the moods of some of the pieces.
I also wanted to show you Esther's piece; in the light pic the weft was flat, but in the dark pic the silk just glittered.

Well, you'll just have to take my word for it.
Probably the fav of the day.
Ha ha.


Laura Fry said...

I really struggle with photographing my work, especially for sale. :( Good luck with it. I am also well aware of my credit card balance... :(

Meg said...

Reds are especially hard, aren't they? But a weaver's gotta do what a weaver's gotta do.