New Week

Esther's Santas were finished on Sunday; they have turned into Unseen University faculty. See Rincewind?? Their wizard weirdness and arguments are deafening; good thing they will live outside. Ben hates gnomes; I'm surprised he's looking forward to these guys being dotted around the place.
I'm trying out a new orientation for the four-shaft in consideration for where the tapestry loom might go. This orientation gets better lighting for weaving, but it seems to take up a whole lot more space, and I don't like it because I can't get a straight line for winding on the warp. The loom can be tilted slightly to this end, except it's so delicate I spent much time adjusting the angle while putting on Esther's warp.
Esther asked for an traditional look. After sampling, a number of achromatic weft choices looked flat, so I'm using 20/2 100% in mid gray, (same as the center warp,) and a slightly lighter gray in silk/cashmere, together. It doesn't look exciting now, but after washing silk will shine, so it will look a little more complex/interesting. That's the plan. And 83cm woven.

Ben's knit scarf is now 136cm. Or 132cm. Knitting stretches so much I'm having having difficulties getting an accurate read, but it will be done this week.

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