Best Foot Forward

I'm nearly there. I worked hard on the online sale Thursday, Friday and today; but not yesterday; my eyes so needed a break. Instead, I went to the Saturday Market and bravely got measured by Maria and ordered, ahem, two linen dresses! Not even Mom is allowed to measure me, even though she always asks so she can buy me clothes when she checks out Japanese bargain sales, which are as crowded as morning commuter trains. Maybe next trip? Then we had dinner at Rosie's and Esther came as well. I shocked some teens because I said I'd bring "weed" salad when I meant "seaweed". We had a few good laughs, and for desserts, (along with cake, crumble and chocolate,) we listened to Bob Marley.
I stuck to as accurate colors as possible with photos. Though I didn't use them, some of the filters/effects in Ben's camera are so interesting and I'd like to use them for fun. I tried to make all blurb interesting but not overly long, like Washburn High School English assignments: long enough to cover everything but short enough to be interesting. I doubt a middle-age male teacher can get away with saying something like this nowadays, but it sure stayed with me over the years.
Two tasks remain, well three: 1) make my mind up on prices; 2) reread/recheck/revise; and 3) make my mind up whether to take out "Family History". I'm 98% for taking it out, but with Japan trip in mind, "at a discount" has been in the back of my mind.

I haven't woven or knitted for days. I so prefer making things, but selling is a necessary administrivia, isn't it. I washed a piece of very soft, peachy orange Indian cotton Mom gave me the summer after Dad died; it had faded in the strong Nelson sun, sitting in the ironing basket in the stash room. I got two kinds of darker blue Dylon packs for an indulgent tie-dye project for me to keep. Not that I need another new project; the area in front of our telly jammed with unfinished projects.

Still, it's a step forward.


Dianne said...

This is a great piece Meg. Lovely pattern and colour, drapes beautifully, shine, flow. Our work is handmade and not made to be seen flat on the floor. Love the hanging photo. Appreciate it for what it is. xx

Meg said...

Thank you, Dianne. The top one, with the worsted (??) merino (??) sent to me by mistake (???) worked really well. The bottom silk piece, the uneven beating is unsightly and I think this may be a no-go/charity bin OR apologetic gift thing. Disappointed in myself.