Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Twists and Turns

A couple of more things from Monday.

Pat liked B the best, because the shapes and sizes of color patches were most varied. Never mind my not-quite-anxiety about my favorite pieces never selling well, while meh-pieces sell well at the galleries. When I used to put things in multiple galleries. (Mom has been wanting to weave with discordant color combinations of late. Did I miss a memo somewhere?)

Pat also moved a few bits to get to the back of the book piles in the stash room, exposing my finger-painted figures on postcards. And goodness, I love them. They are not bad, either, for stuff I whipped up in days/weeks. Another friend recently moved out of the house he was born in, and had my drawings framed and hung in his new place. In custom-made simple frames, (exactly the kind I used in our class exhibition,) they look goooooooood. I miss my life drawing classes. It was, for me, such a great escape from the weaving grids; such leaping and bounding outside the norm in a completely risk-free way. Ronette is/was such a good teacher, but the classes became too expensive for me, as a regular, quarterly expenditure.

Rain, rain, rain... We used to have more intermittent rain in the winter, as in every few days. These days, it's dry spells followed by soaking spells. And frequent floods in flood-prone areas.

One of the missions during our upcoming Japan trip is to take Mom somewhere for more than one night as she's having a hard time finding mates to go away for more than one night. (Haven't asked about group tours, but she'll probably say she doesn't want to hang around a bunch of strangers if she hasn't got at least one mate/family to go with.)

We were thinking of Shikoku, (her dad's from Ehime,) or Kyushu, (her mom's from Miyazaki,) where it would most definitely be warmer than Yokohama in early November.

Yesterday, she says, "Early November - we can catch the leaves changing colors if we go up north. Let's go north, you haven't been north."

"But it's November; they might have snow the way weather is behaving this century."

"Oh, I hate snow. I would never go anywhere with snow. But let's go North to see the leaves."

So I secretly look up when leaves in Kyoto change - they're famous for their maples - it's south of Yokohama, though probably colder. But it's Kyoto and the aforementioned cousin and her husband know a lot about it. But I cringe at the thought of bringing up the the subject.

"Kyoto? Are you kidding me? TOO MANY HUMANS!"

So I shall go look up "leaves changing colors in November" in the hopes of finding somewhere south. My siblings would say it serves me right for having been the difficult child. I say I'm an extraordinarily good daughter. 


  1. Forgot about the funny one. I decided I still like the everything-in-big-boxes approach rather than in many smaller boxes. I thought it had to do with my growing up in all toys belonging to exact positions on shelves as a kid and being always so nervous about putting them back in position I seldom played with more than one toy at a time and got a little hysterical when my cousins wanted to play with more than one at a time. On a serious note, though, tossing everything in a big box allows me to discover new combinations so I think I'll fix the boxes with more tapes and stick with them.

  2. The Internet told me early Nov is good for Shikoku and Kyushu re. changing leaves, as well as closer to home, while further north it's a tad early. Yay!

  3. You are a very good daughter!

    1. Well, thank you, madam. It helps me to think that way!


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