Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dither, Dither.

Back in Feb/March, I thought it might be nice to have a big April Sale to start my new decade, along with nearly half a dozen other causes for celebration/commemoration I don't remember any more.

It's not as though I haven't done anything in the meantime, but I find it difficult to talk up my work in general, especially faced with booboos in many of the pieces, these being not just "maker's remorse", but obvious to Pat as well. So maybe a May Sale.

I've donated some to local charity, and I'm wondering how many here best follow them. But I'm serious today; I fired up the big monitor Ben bought me some years ago specifically to edit photos for my online shop, and to show further commitment, I made a warm drink in my trusty dog mug I bought in Dinkytown just before starting college in 1977.

Except the first task is to decide in what order I am going to present the pieces, and then to fill in my paper checklist to determine what job needs doing re. each piece. So the pic is only for show, as it turned out; I hadn't thought it through! 

Funny thing is, this week as my carrots, I have further culling of yarns and art supplies, followed by further reorganizing of upstairs stash room, and sorting out the red Syrie warp so Pat can help me wind it on the warp beam next week. Whereas at once I might have seen these as my sticks.

At least I got rid of the idea I could always make it a June Sale. (Yeah, I was procrastinating by putting up this post.)

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