Force of Habbit

A weaver said fringes made with three strands don't get flat, so I got a three-clip twister. It worked fine once I got used to it. And then I must not have fringed for a while....

Last week, I sat down to fringe, and in a few minutes I was automatically making two-strand fringes without thinking. I didn't want to undo them, so this shawl had two-strand fringes; the second red one had three-strand ones. I'm still teaching this old dog new tricks.


  1. I still fringe by hand, and it's always a difficult job to get everything even. Do you find that the 3-clip fringer helps? You have me curious now...

  2. Tara, for me, I can't really say. It's no quicker, and I'd like to say the appearance is more consistent, I really don't see that great of an improvement; perhaps it's easier creating consistent-looking fringes. But this is just my experience. I know some weavers say it's improved their fringes markedly.

    The only thing for sure is that fringing used to give me the biggest physical pain - the right wrist in particular - so the twister has definitely eliminated that, and I can fringe all I want any given day. If you are going to get one, I do recommend the three-clip rather than two- to give you fringing options.


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