Weaving on YouTube

As a rule, I don't associate new technology with handweaving because what we do is so basic and labor-intensive and another-world-ly, but while looking for a New Zealand TV commercial this morning, I thought to search for some weaving videos.

Hypertextile/Luciano Ghersi of Porchiano del Monte, Italy, says he is a weaver and art teacher. His blog is mostly in Italian but with lots of photos and videos I found on YouTube. Here is his Flickr, and his YouTube. And I'm guessing this is the blog of the Textile Department of the school where he works.

Eksha's is of Dhaka weaving by Limbu women in Nepal and the footage is lovely.

Umyintlwin has a clip from Akhar, Myanmar,Weaving Training School; the quality of this one is not spectacular, but the costume of the women interesting nonetheless.

I've also checked, quite a while back, podcasts o the subject of weaving, and I'd imagine they are interesting, too. If you have the facilities, you may consider listening to them while weaving? I'm happy with my radio/CD/books-on-tape for the time being.

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