A Mighty Fine Day, Indeed

I know many of you will be thinking, "Is that all!" but upstairs, I'm sticking to the 2/60 cotton at 60EPI, 1/3 and 3/1 twill stripe, with the same 2/60 cotton in the weft, woven very loosely. The finished piece will look pretty much like the top 1/3 of the sample.

Downstairs on the big loom I have 2/20 in 30EPI, sleyd 5EPI on a 6-dent reed, ergo the stripe in the twill where they shouldn't be, again in two-faced twill, woven at 48PPI.

I'm having problems with my eyes again, (and we won't go into which is the chicken and which is the egg), and I can't stick to either of them for too long; on the table loom upstairs, after three sittings I've just cleared 88cm; downstairs I wove about 60cm to finish one piece in the morning, and in the afternoon I wove only 70cm, and I find I can't concentrate well after that.

I love the way they are going to look and feel, or so I keep telling myself. Sometimes I need to talk up my skills and abilities so I stick with what I started; this week has been like such a week.

These are so not the kind of things one should be weaving when one is looking to have a stall in the market in 21 days. Still, it'd be fun to wash these.


  1. Lovely! A fine day indeed.
    Your eyes should be twitching at 30EPI. I can't even imagine dressing the loom with that. Ow!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.

    Like the bubble wrap idea, will have to give it a try.

    Will be weaving tomorrow...look for a pic of Vibrant on Sunday.

  2. Hi, Lynne. The eye thing predates 30EPI, but is not at all helped by halogen lights in the studio coming on and off like Christmas lights. I was told it has something to do with the room temprature, but can't imagine as it's been very cool, and it happens in the winter, too. I think it's time to get my friendly sparky in to replace the fixtures, though I would like to stay with halogens.

  3. Re. the bubble wrap, Lynne, get the hardest/toughest kind you can get, with flat plastic sheets on two sides, rather than just the one; it prevents distortion of the cloth after you've woven it as it goes around the cloth beam.

    The original idea came from one of the weaving lists ex. USA over a decade ago.


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