I ripped open the box the second Ben walked through that door. Somehow I had imagined 13kgs would take up more space, but never mind, this is additional 13kgs that can't fit into my stash room anyway.

Cotton, 14 colors; the hues weren't as narrowly-selected as I had imagined, but never mind that, either. The brighter 2/20 yarns I thought I'd use for something for the Twilight Market; the more nuanced 2/60s, I hope to use for color experiments, and if they work, of course they'll go into the Twilight Market as well.

I'm going to make myself a cuppa and contemplate them today.

(Later) I have been weaving all day about 2 meters away from these cones, and whilst I'm still very enamored by the colors, I decided that except for the few bright ones, they are all very "raincoat" colors. Don't you agree?


Dianne said...

Corporate maybe, I can see my daughter wrapped in scarves to go with her work suit.

I love them all. What a bother I've had to put blankets on my dobby loom!

Meg said...

Not enough black/charcoal to be corporate, Dianne;-)

Now, looking at them on the cones is nice - I'm not sure about measuring the warp or dressing the loom. I think I'll start with a 6-inch scarf... That's after M&O sample for the guild, and possibly a cottolin towel warp - this chain was draped over the stairway maybe six months ago and I didn't see it until today.