Randall Darwall in "Craft in America"

Way back when Randy told us he would take part in this documentary/book, I Googled all over, emailed the contact address several times on their then-one-page web site, and tried everything else I could think of to find out more. Good thing Randy's web minder put a link, because I had forgotten all about it.

Craft in America, The History of Fiber, starts here. There are four pages, so move around by clicking on the numbers at the bottom of the page.

On Page 3, you will find a link to Randy's much-too-short video interview; alternatively, click here to see it on a bigger screen, (though Randy's image gets pixel-lated.) Randy's page on their web site is here.

Once again, there is the music talk. Randy very briefly mentioned the Darwall Hymns in England composed by his ancestor; John Darwall is all I found today, but music certainly runs through his veins.

I also found Randall Darwall on Flickr, but the photos seem to be from the exhibit Brian curated this time last year. Too bad the account doesn't seem to allow anyone to be a contact.

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