Legitimate Reason to Buy More Yarns

I'm waiting for some cotton yarns to arrive. They are mostly various nuances of pale green-blues, kind of an assortment of soft greeny Robin's Egg/Duck Egg blues, a range of colors I disliked most of my life, but can't stop dreaming about for the last few months.

I've not seriously explored cottons yet, but I found skinny cotton yarns, 2/20 and 2/60, in gazillion colors right here in New Zealand recently. (For Kiwi weavers, it's DEA in Levin, contact is Adam, and their website will be renewed sometime soon.) I've loved wearing cotton all my life so I have a natural affinity to how the fiber wears, but thus far I couldn't find anything in New Zealand that made me gush, and the overseas yarns, though delicious-looking, were prohibitively expensive.

And I have a legitimate reason to order cottons now. Arts Marketing Nelson is going to host Twilight Markets this summer. 16 or so artists/craftspersons will have stalls at the bottom of the Cathedral Steps on Friday nights from 6 to 9PM selling their ware, and I signed up for two Fridays. I've never done anything like this, but everybody tells me it's good to talk to people who might be interested in buying my work, and I don't feel as terrified about being seen with my work now, so after a couple of months of contemplating why this was such a bad idea, I signed up.

The market is held from mid-December to late-February, which is at the height of our summer, so in addition to my regular wool and possum pieces, I wanted, "Oh, no bags, please, I'm going to wear it right away" kind of scarfettes. I'm also thinking of other small things like Christmas ornaments, cell phone bags or tiny shoulder poaches, but I'm not terrific at sewing so a good balance of work and fun is my goal. But the market/fair/fete image is freeing me up to make lighter, more playful things, and I'm hoping to have a lot of fun.


Dianne said...

Did DEA charge you for these samples cause I only got one titchy bit for each type of yarn they stock?

Meg said...

This particular set of samples was one of his masters as he hadn't made up the samples yet - I had the choice of borrowing or buying, and I bought this lot, although it contains a few discontinued and/or unavailable colors also.

I also have the each-type set, and this cotton sample was the result of my begging for actual color samples, after trying to battle through the images on their web - I can't work with anything but real thread color samples.

I'm not sure about the cost of color samples, but I know making them was on Adam's to-do list. If you are seriously interested in the 2/20 and 2/60 cottons, it's worth the money. And, heavenly to look at.

I believe, with any of DEA yarns, you can ask for color samples of the specific type yarn.