Awash with Wash

I had great trouble with wash in my drawing class. I tried sponge, brush, wet paper towel, fingers and balsa wood as tools and ink, water color and pastel as media/mediums. I couldn't get the proportion/shapes right, ended up, for example, with the round part of the buttocks outside the visible/invisible outline of the body. We did this for five weeks. Starting next week we move on to shapes.

Note to self: try doing it like Rachel. Thank you, Cally, for the link.

Lynne included a link to this blog, and I casually scrolled down and found this. Well, blow me away...


Anonymous said...

I'm so flattered! A technique I just started using that is similar to wash but a little more solid: vine charcoal and acrylic gesso (or just straight up acrylic white paint) with the gesso watered down a bit, or solid for more soild coverage. I use the two back and forth, with the gesso being somewhat of an eraser. The two compliment each other nicely and it's really easy to draw back over the gesso with the charcoal for when you make mistakes once the gesso dries (which it does quickly). Also, the charcoal spreads nicely and can mix with the gesso when wet, giving a wash-like effect.
Do not despair!

Meg said...

Being a complete newbie with drawing and non-painting, Rachel, I never thought of mixing gesso other than preparing the surface in the first instance, but that sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the hint!