Stella Chrysostomou

Stella works at my favorite bookshop, Page and Blackmore. I knew she was an artist of some sort, but it's only recently that I started to talk to her artist-to-artist, and only earlier this week I asked about her web site.

It's not an easy one to navigate, but there are some interesting bits in there. My favorite is her floor talk script, "Jewelry in the Gallery"; then there's "The Implied Body"; and then there's "Where’s the Jewels, A Discussion of the Object - its absence and memory". Whilst looking at the pics of her work, (just point at icons and words and see if the little hand appears,) I realized I saw "A Month in May" at Gallery 203 not too long after my own exhibition early last year. At the time I was fascinated by the idea and wondered how I might be able to do something similar; those of you who were contemplating or actually engaged in Art Every Day Month might find the photos compelling. (Including the 14th when she had nothing.)

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