You've Got to Help Me Here; It's Driving Me Mad!!

The latest Halcyon Yarns catalogue... Does the angle of the right foot look, ummm, right to you? Or is that the left foot? The photo bothers me. I don't understand...

And then the color kits. I always thought I'd order one of these, except I could never decide which; this year I'm partial to Coastal Cottage, I think. Lunatic Fringe used to have similar kits; they still might, but I'm thinking back to the mid/late 90's.


  1. gotta love photoshop!
    nevertheless I lust for the legwarmers! cute cute cute!

  2. perhaps the model is double jointed?
    Or she broke her leg doing the shot?
    Or a client insisted they merge the two photos because no art director in their right mind would have done that.

    I like Coastal Cottage also, but I am the type who would want to choose my own original color way.

    And I would choose the first swatch from #5, the 1st and 4th swatch from #7, and the 3rd swatch from #8.

    But that is just me.

  3. I always heard some people had two left feet (as in dancing) -- maybe this gal is one of them!

  4. Oh, sigh of relief, it's not just me, then? I couldn't sleep the night I received the catalogue worried about this girl, and then I couldn't sleep last night thinking I was the only one seeing something strange in this pic. Trust me, I tried to stand like this a few times, and nearly fell off the curb while testing it while waiting at a traffic light.

    Ha ha, Connie, this girl has got two left feet!

    Dana, I'm not good at coming up with my own combos - somehow hers always looked better - but had I bought a kit, I probably would have added something of my own.

    Lynne, you go, girl. Knit them. Me, I'd have to alter the pattern to accommodate for, ahem, my un-thin calves... My mom always altered sweater patterns ever so slightly so the proportion looked closer to the pics in books rather than, you know, stretched out. I should have watched how she did it, but doesn't matter, I can't knit.

  5. The pose is perfectly OK. She is standing on her left leg with her right leg, turned outside at her hip and bent at the knee, lover the front of her left leg. I can do it easily, though I can't get my right foot (on the bent leg) turned out as far as she can. Obviously the model is a little younger than 70! But skinnier legs than mine also help. She is probably one of those who can cross her legs and have the crossed leg close to her other with her toe almost to the floor. My thighs would never let me do that!

  6. That's what I thought at first, but I can't do it. Oh well, un-skinny and un-long legs...


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