Leaving Home in an Hour

The day has finally arrived. It was a long time coming. I enjoyed taking part in her process. And man, if I thought being in visual arts was hard, life in performing arts seems like a punishment, because the whole point is being there and doing it. Conditioning of emotional and physical health, for one thing, is beyond me, and most importantly for me, she can't work in her PJs! And unlike hanging an exhibition and then going home for a long nap, she needs to try to secure as many gigs as she can from now.

I'm also glad this cycle is over. Kath has been sick and tired of the preparation stage for a couple of weeks, and I was not doing a good job of keeping her excited about this prep part any more. It'll be nice for her to be able to move on and, among other things, write new songs.


  1. Boy! I was a performer myself, and while there are things I miss about it--mainly the free cookies--I don't miss the stress and keeping up with mental and physical health, stamina, doing all the work, etc. Hugs to Kath! Been there... I always did prefer writing songs in the background, but since I'm not a marketer, if I didn't perform them, no one would. So had to do it all. I'm better off sitting and knitting, and I get to do that in my PJs! :D

  2. Yeah, Lis, who has her feet in both camps, said Visual Arts is definitely easier. I can't imagine having to be in great spirits and good shape any more...


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