No Blues

Looking at the pages I made last night in the sketchbook and the pics in my Kaz Pics folder (not her pics, but pics of things I'm doing for her class), and cropping tiny areas from the pages similar to what you do with your two L-shaped cardboards, I'm amazed how long it's been since I've done a strictly blue weaving, and even longer for a navy blue weaving.

Of course I have the big question of what to do with about 1/3 of my substantial stash, in navy, but I'm pretty sure I'll revisit from time to time, so I won't be getting rid of them just yet.

But I'm emotionally patting myself on the back because that portion of the color wheel all the way from beyond blue-red, starting with yellow-red, oranges, yellow-greens to just before blue-green, plus teals and turquoises, used to be, for most of my life, my No-Gone Zone. Pretty limited, though inexpensive.

I feel a tiny bit grown up today.


Geodyne said...

Just...bravo, you!

Meg said...

Yeah, I guess, Geodyne. Shall I overdye everything I've got with red?

Geodyne said...

If you did, then you'd have turned into me!

(I know much of what I'm doing at the moment is green, but that's because a friend feels a need for a couple of green scarves and I've been using it as a stepping board to play with something different.)

Meg said...

Hey, Geodyne, if everybody wove and wore more variations of purple, I say, HOORAY!!!!