Hung - Part 1

It took all of 90 minutes to hang this one; my assistant is becoming efficient. The "main show" looks a little sad; perhaps not enough pieces, very little, almost a ghostly, transparent look, even though this is the kind of fabric I intended. Though you could say summery and light. I like that we offset the scarves from the wall by about 20cm. The spot on the wall on the right is where I'll post a blurb on Monday. (I've been thinking of how to connect the left and the right walls of this exhibition, and came up with a good metaphor this morning.) On the plinth I will have business cards and a notebook for people to write in.

I think the scarves were moist; the horrible crease in the scarf second from the left was not there when I unpacked. I hung the scarves first to decide the order, with Scarf 1 (thick weft) and 4 (the most colorful warp) in the center and Scarf 2 (thin weft, same color as one of the weft) in the darkest spot. As I switched them around, Scarf 4 stayed in one position for all of 2 or 3 minutes, and that's when it got the crease. I soon rearranged them so all the pieces showed roughly the same length of fabric, but, ugh, the crease stayed.

The "sideshow" worked better; the colors, number and the density of the cloth gave this side more impact, and that I like these scarves make this side look better as an exhibition. I'll put my yellow/gold frame on the wall under the spotlight on Monday, and will ask if I can hide the small plinth. We thought of off-setting this dowel, but decided against it because a) this is the sideshow, (two of these pieces were shown at the Suter in August, all but one just returned from Westport in October, so I feel embarrassed enough about having to fluff up the exhibition in the first place,) b) because I couldn't be bothered, but most relevantly, c) it's too close to the ramp.

I took the pic above from the top of the ramp. This gallery has four rooms in a straight row; the two front rooms on street level, and the third, this, and the forth room three or four steps lower, so a big part of the exhibition room's floor is taken up by two ramps with big handrails. On the left (blue) side there is ample space between the ramp and the wall, but on the right (yellow) side the space is narrower, so if we offset the yellow scarves and brought them forward, the colors and the volume would have overpowered the room a tad, and I couldn't be bothered fine-tuning that crucial distance so the sideshow wouldn't obscure the "main" show.


  1. An odd number always works better than an even number, but I dolike what you've done with srunching up the blueish scarf to remove some of the symmetry.

    The blue scarves look lovely - you can really see the etherealness in the near one in that photo!

  2. Yup, except when one hasn't got the time for one more. And in retrospect, I'm glad I didn't have to throw in a Reggae scarf into this mix. It would have looked out of place, I think.

  3. I'm glad you posted a link to this in today's post. I would have been sorry to have missed it. I have been very busy lately so have been reading most blogs very very swiftly.........

  4. No worries, Peg; congrats on getting the samples done.


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