Work Today

Work at Red Art today. Jay was away, so it was Rosemarie and me.

Jay left me a list of three things to do. However, I couldn't finish any of them. 1) I couldn't remedy the printer problem by cleaning the head via the application. It's possible this is a problem with heat accumulating under the counter around the printer, and the teeny bits of ink clogging the heads. I'm not a hardware girl, but about a year ago when Ben thought our printer was shot, as a last ditch effort I asked Ben to take out the head, we soaked it in warm water overnight, and voila, we're still using the printer. But the printer there is newer and more sophisticated. 2) I was to upload three more artworks in the current exhibition collection, (yes, Lloyd Harwood!!), but though there were JPGs of the correct names, the photographs were all of the entrance of the gallery, and not of the paintings. And 3) she wanted me to have a look at installing a new modem, and I didn't touch it; I'm strictly apps! But in retrospect, perhaps I should have given it a go. I know how to read instructions, and I may have been able to do something, though, you know... hardware... probalby not.

However, (drum rolls, please...), I learned to make coffee with our serious coffee machine, and I now have renewed respect for all the baristas who ever served me, except the ones that left big bubbles in my frothy milk. They are serious machines. Theoretically I can make, with the help of a cheat sheet, short black, long black, flat white, latte and cappuccino, but only the real coffee; I know where chai, decaf and hot choc are stored, but I didn't learn the portions, and I know where hot water comes from, but not sure where tea is stored. So, if you happen to be at the Red on Monday afternoons and mysteriously Jay and Rosemarie disappears, and if you have plenty of time and patience, and are hard up for a cup of coffee, you may find me behind the steaming machine. But I'd save it for dire emergencies; I'm the last resort.

I can pour a mean glass of water.


Geodyne said...

This is fascinating - having spent a lot of years in cafes and kitchens, making a decent coffee is second nature to me, like brushing teeth.

It's boggling my mind that people whould find an espresso machine intimidating, and yet I've had so many indifferent coffees in my life I really shouldn't be surprised!

Meg said...

That think should be classified as the military equipment, I say!!

Meg said...

Also, remember, I'm not quite 150cm tall so the nozzle for the steam/milk is very near my face. Scary! I can hardly look inside the metal milk jug!