Does Anyone Use These?

By the time I receive my Halcyon catalog I assume everybody else has had it for a while? After coveting and gawking at looms and books and trinkets, I found this on page 89. Does anyone use these gloves?

For now I don't have much pain on the hands, at least not as much as my wrists, but my right hand feels very tired for a few days after one good day's weaving, so I wondered if these would do me any good. They are affordable, but I'm careful when a product touts health benefits because I've had a couple of "wrong" help. But then sometimes doctors, physios and gym staff can't agree, so am I best to give it a go?

At least in the winter these can keep my hands warm and toasty. That's what the blurb says. OK, not the "toasty" part.


  1. I haven't used this particular brand but something similar. They do keep your hands from aching and help if you have arthritis. My problems are in my finger knuckles so these wouldn't help me. I also sleep with mine on. They help a lot.

  2. Thanks for your input, kasl4b61. I might give these a go.

  3. I think they help enough with fatigue to make them worthwhile. My arthritis makes my joints sensitive to damp and cool, and they do keep my hands a little warmer. There are other brands around- quilt shops have them too, as well as knit shops.


  4. Thank you for that information, Kimmen. I don't know if shops in Nelson haven't got them, or if I just haven't seen them.


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