Friday, May 8, 2009

Yippy, Money!!!

My cotton piece at Funky Fibre sold today; the purchaser is an American weaver! I'm so relieved to have a bit of income, as Ben and I were just this morning talking about paying off all the tradesmen associated with our recent deconstruction/reconstruction surrounding our heating system, and how we really don't have any money to fall back on!! My 81-year-old Dad promised not to die until we save enough to cover the airfare; our family is like that, don't worry, we always joke about life. I also love it when my work sells at my group's exhibition because it means a portion of the sale will go towards my group, especially since I don't go on the duty roster at exhibitions and demonstrations.

I know it's not nice to talk about money, but I mean, you know... Income!

It was also worth asking for my piece not to be hung or laid flat; I wasn't sure if I was out of bounds, but it was worth the shot because this one looked so terribly different flat/rectangular vs folded/twisted/scrunched and since I spent so much time working on the look and the hand when it's on a human body. Look what Joan McLauchlan did for me, (bottom pic.) Nice, yes?


  1. *** I'm in the money, I'm in the money *** Though truth to tell, I already spent several times that amount in paying the bills yesterday morning. Still, Ben is very pleased because I worked on that warp for so long with numerous interruptions and he liked the outcome, so all is well!

  2. Well done, really good to have positive affirmation of what we do.


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