Power Cut

We got a notice about 10 days ago that our power will be cut for up to five hours today for a system upgrade, whatever that means. Suddenly, yesterday I started to worry about what I can do today. Most of housework I wanted (??) to get done are out. Foot loom, table loom and making a warp came to mind. And the question of whether to buy an 8-shaft foot loom reemerged, especially when there are a few second-hand ones available.

Good thing I don't have surplus money and absolutely no space for it, but I'm mindful Sue Bateup said she'd never get rid of hers in case electricity becomes unaffordable. What do you think?


  1. Electricity is getting more and more expensive. Definitely.

    In our vävstuga is the power included in the rent thou. Maybe we should throw out all 4-shaft looms an get computerized ones ;-)

    Or I'm dreaming of having at least one loom with some more shaft...

  2. Oh, no doubt many shafts is fun, and more is better, but it does make me think at times like these.

    By the way, I don't like ironing, but strange how on the one day I don't have electricity is the day I just HAD to iron... I did as soon as the power came back, too!

  3. I thought about a computer dobby, but we get several power cuts each year and they can last more than a day due. I don't want to have to stop just 'cos the lights go out, so I'm sticking to my foot powered loom!

  4. Thinking... Thinking... Thinking where I could possibly store an 8-shaft foot loom if ever I get one, Dorothy...

  5. Oh, um, space. Well I have to have a Toika Norjanna because it's compact and fits... anything else would need a shed in the garden, and I don't know where we'd put a shed. I'd like a loom in the living room because it's a big room, lots of space, but that is not allowed! So yes, I understand the space problem.

  6. OR, as Ben always says, we could get rid of one of the other looms to make space... Yeah, right!


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