Passport Photo and Beads

The Embassy staff did choose the right photo with a wee bit of my scarf showing, but when it was scanned into the passport, less than a smidgen of my scarf came through. Oh well, at least I know it's there. Do please excuse my fat, old lady chin/neck area.

I also bought three beaded necklaces on sale at the Trade Aid shop. I have this idea for a project and I need a lot of light weight beads that make pleasant noise when they bump into each other. Unfortunately the staff did not know what these are made of, but I suspect bones, so I must test how colorfast these are. If these work, I will have saved a lot of money; if not, I'll probably make a Flapper necklace for fun.

We experienced for the very first time real Wellington weather; serious gusts, rain and cold. I guess we have been lucky to have escaped that in more than a decade of gawking at the Capital and its bookshops, galleries and cafes. Still, it's my most favorite city in New Zealand and if Ben ever even thought of moving there, I'll be there in a heartbeat. (And then probably regret the rash move on the third bad weather day??)

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Meg said...

Red and orange beads bled profusely, turquoise and yellow green some, but the black ones were fine. Ben is thinking of somehow putting a protective coat on each bead, but I fear that will dull the noise they make...

Necklace, they are, then.